Blue Sentry

Blue Sentry is an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner. We are an AWS-audited Managed Services Provider with deep expertise in migration, DevOps and continuous deployment (CI/CD), as well as, database platforms on AWS Cloud. In addition to our technical competencies and next-generation services, we are business leaders who get to know your business in order to help you maximize the benefits of Amazon Cloud.

Why Blue Sentry?

Anyone can build a skyscraper. Materials are readily available.  Contractors will gladly take your money.  Friends and colleagues are free with opinions.  But before you step into the elevator and head for the Penthouse, wouldn’t you like to know that the building is structurally sound? That’s why expert engineers and architects design buildings.  Constructing a secure and successful cloud infrastructure is no different.

Blue Sentry’s AWS-certified team works with you to develop a cloud migration blueprint that responds to your needs.  We expertly design and build your cloud infrastructure with speed and help you manage it to maximize security, performance and compliance.

We are solely focused on the Amazon Cloud (Amazon Web Services – AWS) and we are experts at it. All Blue Sentry team members hold AWS certifications, and our engineers and consultants are AWS-certified at the Professional or Associate levels in multiple cloud disciplines. Yes, we understand popular business applications like Microsoft Office and Oracle databases.  Many of our clients have large investments in ERP solutions.  We know how to make these products work seamlessly on AWS cloud infrastructure while improving the security, scalability and reliability of your environment. We are business leaders, cloud infrastructure experts, and AWS fanatics who care about helping businesses large and small optimize their environments by using Amazon’s industry-leading cloud infrastructure.


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